Saturday, June 02, 2007

Living in the Past

I ran again today. Just 3k, but what a lesson. I have not run for over two months now. In my mind the goal of an easy 3k in 21 minutes or so should have been quite realistic... but I have been "living in the past". Thinking that running today, would be the same as the last time I ran.

I gassed out early, and did lots of "run-walk". Results were thouroughly unspectacular (time 25.03 minutes).

I wonder if I am "living in the past" is some of the spiritual issues of my life. Or is my training and stretching going forward. It would be dangerous to think I was in one place and find that I'm really not there any more.

More to follow. I think I'm back on the track to get running again.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Big Day

Freezing rain and high winds the previous day put the race at risk, but we finally set off about 20 minutes behind schedule. My goal was to run 5k in under 35 minutes, and to raise $500 for The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal.

Time on the race: 32.34. Fortunately I had a young friend (Richard) running with me. He pushed, prodded, encouraged, and coached all the way to the finish line.

Thanks to sponsors and cheering squad. I raised $610 for our Christmas Funds. I'm going to take a week off, and then think about training toward my next goal... an under 31 minute 5k in Burlington, ON around St. Patrick's Day. And I'm dreaming about next year's Santa Shuffle where Winds of Hope Church hopes to mount a team of at least 4 runners.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Building Capacity

The training program is moving right along... and this far, I have managed to maintain the discipline set out by my coach. Today was another 10k run. 10k is a daunting distance, but I know that I am building capacity, and will find my 5k run on December 2nd that much easier. I really pushed hard and finished 10k in 68.28.80, admittedly on FLAT terrain.

One week from now the race will be over. I'll need some new goals later.

Thanks for the encouragement and support thus far.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Increasing the Pace

Tuesday, November 14: Target 5k in under 35 minutes.

Bad weather outside put me on the treadmill again. I increased my base speed to about 5.5 mph, and realized near the end of my run that I would not make my target time. I increased the pace 400 metres before the finish to 6 mph and then to 7 mph for the final 200 metre sprint. Finishing time: 35.20. Not bad.

My goal is far enough off that I still have to work at it. The novelty of training is fading quickly and so my mind has turned to new preoccupations. Raising funds for The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. If you want to sponsor my run, you can actually pay on-line by credit card and get an "instant" tax receipt.

Wednesday, November 15: Target 5k - Intervals.

Running intervals involves running at a base speed and incorporating 1 minute sprints at a higher speed. If I am to reach my race target of running 5k in under 35 minutes, I really need to increase both my stamina and my base speed. Hopefully the intervals will help.

I initially set my base speed at 5.5 mph but on the second series had to lower (5.2 mph) it for fear of not being able to finish. Sprint speed for most of the intervals was 6.3 mph. I managed the final spint at 7 mph. Knowing it was the LAST one helped.

Thursday, November 16: An easy-paced 3k run.

The weather is still not very cooperative and I had to run on the treadmill. I ran the entire 3k @ 5 mph. That used to be my top speed, and now comes easier.

Friday, November 17: A day of rest and recuperation for the muscles.

Saturday, November 18 is scheduled for another stamina day (10k run / walk).

Saturday, November 11, 2006

10k and Recovery

10k on a treadmill.

My training schedule called for a 10k easy run / walk. I really wanted to run outside but the weather was not cooperative. I prepared my water bottle, my MP3 player, and my stop watch, and set out with a plan: SuRvIve!! I did. Running 3 minutes @ 5 mph and walking for 1.5 minutes @ 3.8 mph carried me through the first 63 minutes. Then I had to change stategy, running 3 and walking 2. 10k - 6.25 miles, in 82 minutes 20 seconds.

That's a long time to run... but I managed to find the mental toughness to stick to it. There were huge temptation moments when my mind screamed to abandon this folly. Having survived, I am committed to the 5k run in December. I'll finish, no matter what, and maybe make my target time.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

More Training Results

Wednesday, November 8th
Scheduled training - 5k (sprinting 6 x 1 minute intervals)
It took me 36.30. I think I need to work on increasing my "base speed". Weather was terrible so I ran on the treadmill again.

Thursday, November 9th
Scheduled training - 3k (easy run).
Weather was OK so I ran outside. It was fun to run the shorter distance, and although my training schedule indicated an "easy" run, I made exceptionally good time: 19.57.55

Friday, November 10th.
No scheduled run. This is time for the body to recuperate.
Saturday will be a huge challenge. As a stamina builder I am supposed to run/walk 10k. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Training Results

Tuesday, November 7th
Scheduled training - 5k in target of less than 36 minutes.
Got home a little tired, and had to fight to get myself ready to run. I opted for the treadmill instead of running outside. I did NOT make my target time. It took me 36.20. When I started running a year ago, I found it so much easier to run on the treadmill than to run outside. These days, I always seem to be better outside.
Yesterday I discovered that the path we run on December 2nd on the top of Mount Royal starts with a descent from the Lookout. Guess how it ends? With a climb!.... Hmmm. I may need to revise my goal upward.... but then there is reason to keep training, right! I'm not there yet, and still have time to get this aging body ready.
I'm still looking for other runners to compete on December 2nd, or to join me for my training runs in Brossard.